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Mohr Publicity is a public relations agency built for the digital universe. We promote your projects with:

Social Media-Online articles, followers, videos, tweets, ratings, comments and fans.

Online Press Releases-An effective online news release can really boost your website hits and dramatically increase your placement in search engines such as Google. This helps potential customers find you.

Traditional Media-No matter what other PR people tell you, news outlets like CNN and FOX still play a major role in spreading the word. Mohr Publicity understands the importance of getting your story out there whether online or off. The best thing to do is sit down with our team and talk about where you’d like to see your company in the next few weeks.

This promotional video was was shot by Mohr Productions.


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All social media services added at the fastest rate possible while maintaining the safest standards. Followers, views, likes, pins, subscribers, favorites and repins are added at the client’s own risk. You may receive more followers, fans, views or likes than ordered. Mohr Publicity is not responsible for lost followers, subscribers, likes, views or any other administrative changes and decisions made by the targeted social media site. No Refunds on delivered orders.

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